Signature Meal Distributions and Fundraisers

Our work focuses on alleviating the symptoms of food insecurity and food deserts across New York City. With partnerships that spans neighborhoods and communities, we aim to provide fresh, warm, and culturally-appropriate meals for vulnerable populations. Check out our events below!

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Our work would not be possible without the collaboration of our generous partners - past and present - across the corporate, nonprofit, and small business sectors.

Our Funds

As we expand our influence, in addition to our Original Meal Fund, we are thrilled to launch our Emergency Relief Fund!

Original Meal Fund

The bread and butter of our operations is our monthly meal distributions that happen across several New York City boroughs. The original meal fund supports these distributions in purchasing meals and supplies for future events.


Emergency Relief Fund

We understand that recent unplanned circumstances and incidents have given rise to need for emergency relief. Previous funds we've supported include the Chinatown fire fund as well as our own summer fundraiser for NYC asylum seekers.